When someone starts talking about a LOTR remake

When someone starts talking about a LOTR remake

When someone starts talking about a LOTR remake

2 years ago
  1. Honestly, I do tend to agree there isn’t anything that doesn’t look good from them.

    I’d be okay with a ‘special edition’ version where they re-did some of the special effects — mostly just RotK but it’s still as good as the day they released it.

  2. I’m going to voice a different opinion. As a trilogy I absolutely agree it doesn’t need a remake.


    Peter Jackson spoke of how they really struggled to condense the script into three movies. They had to pretty much keep it to “Frodo takes the ring to Mordor” and anything that wasn’t strictly necessary to that central plot they had to cut/simplify/make a new scene where three used to be, etc. The ending of ROTK is a good example many said the ending was too long though as a fan I would have loved to see what Legolas and Gimli went off to do.

    So my take is this: don’t remake the movies. But I do see a place for a modern TV series based off the books that has space to develop the characters more, to delve into the lore (even Aragorn being a Numenorean is a brief reference in the extended edition!). Throw in a little bit of the books suspense (where we read an entire book without part of the story and we don’t know what’s happening to the characters – have a few episodes where we don’t know what’s happened to Frodo after he’s captured!)

    Anyway you get the gist. You may of course disagree but I think a TV series adaptation could be amazing.

  3. I dpn’t think anyone in their right mind would ever try to remake LoTR

  4. Why would you even talk about it? It’s not like anything in those movies looks dated. However, It’s a shame that there isn’t a 4K Blu-ray available. The trilogy was the first thing I wanted to watch in my new tv and well, huge disappointment.

  5. No matter what not having the same cast as the movies will be a tragedy but I can’t wait for a more faithful live action adaptation

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