1. I had this set as a child and it was one of my favourites

  2. If Lego can remake Harry Potter sets they better remake LOTR sets

  3. I really hope they included LEGO suicide bomber uruk-hai in the set

  4. I was lucky enough to get every LEGO LOTR set, they’re all incredible. There’s another smaller Helm’s Deep set which is part of the wall you can connect. It came with Éomer and a Uruk ballista

  5. I regret not bugging my parents to buy me this more, now it costs like 400 euros If it’s sealed

  6. This is why an amazon series would be good – we get more merchandise!

  7. Man, LEGO really needs to revisit LOTR now that their designs have evolved and such. Imagine what a 400$ set such as the Hogwarts castle would be like or the 800$ falcon.

  8. Favourite set in my collection honestly. Got it when it came out. The designers actually managed to convey a decent sense of scale whilst maintaining detail and an acceptable price point.

    Also got the modular wall section that attaches to it.

  9. I just want the 1990s castle set brough into the new century, and none of this overly complicated cloth winged dragon shenanigans, all plastic eith the head of a crocodile and dope translucent hard plastic wings >:(

  10. I have this set it’s just dismantled in a big LEGO bin and I’m rebuilding it and ordering broken/missing parts

  11. I used to have the lego set when I younger, it got put in a box and I don’t where it is now 🙁

  12. We wants it, we needs it, we must have the precious. They stole it from us!

  13. I as GM bought this to use for a D&D game, as the PCs assaulted an orcish clan that were inhabiting the ruins of an old fort.

    100% worth.

  14. They should create a lego battle of Minas Tirith / Pelennor Fields. It’d be quite a large set but it’d be awesome!

  15. When I was younger I only had enough money to get a few of the Lego lotr sets and I wish so badly now I had gotten this

  16. I’ve got this one. It’s one of my prized possessions.

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