Wait, are Twitter SJWs seriously trying to cancel LOTR? Lmaoo

Wait, are Twitter SJWs seriously trying to cancel LOTR? Lmaoo

2 years ago
  1. That guy is a loon and a raging anti-Semite. Don’t be baited by him.

  2. Imagine thinking this after all the shit Rowling has pulled lately?

    Absolute brain rot.

  3. Please don’t take this one random tweet as some sort of popular opinion or representative of “twitter SJWs”

  4. Because Harry Potter totally didn’t whitewash a character the second she got more screen time.

  5. This insults both franchises. There even is a subplot in LOTR focussing on how Legolas’ racism towards dwarves gets resolved due to spending time with Gimli.

    Both of the franchises are clearly against racism and are nothing alike (that’s why I said it insults *both*). LOTR is a fantasy epic while HP is a – kinda – urban fantasy.

  6. Why do you assume one random guy = “twitter SJWs”?

    Why do you use “SJW” as an insult?


    All you’ve done is show us that, regardless of how old your body is, your mind stopped growing at 13.

  7. No. Stop. You are trying to shitpost this place into becoming an anti-sjw jerkfest fuck off.

  8. Please don’t let this turn into something. I don’t want to have to deal with this too…

  9. Because hobbits, men, elfs, ents, eagles and a dwarf (dis I miss someone?) working together is such a racist thing.

  10. I just hope that no real world politics from either side of the spectrum get brought in this new lotr show.

  11. nothing is safe from these sjw 🙁


    nothing, nobody 🙁

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