Viggo Mortensen holding a LOTR lego set

Viggo Mortensen holding a LOTR lego set

Viggo Mortensen holding a LOTR lego set

2 years ago
  1. Chances are he only held that for the picture. He probably left the store Legoless

  2. *inhales* Did you know Viggo broke his toe when he stepped on a lego

  3. He’s got his San Lorenzo football scarf on as well. What a man.

  4. When you know you made it. A fcking Lego set of a character you played.

  5. Love Viggo. So much gratitude to him for giving the world Tolkien’s Aragorn. What a legend.

  6. As a Lego enthusiast, I love this photo!! …. I also have this set and that makes it even better ha

  7. I wanted to buy some for my son but they’re over $200 on amazon. Especially all the best ones

  8. Welp, first he broke a toe now he’s gonna break the whole damn foot when he steps on his own minifigure

  9. Did you know that man broke his foot kicking a real metal helmet on set of lotr

  10. How did a dunedain age so much in less than 20 years?

  11. If you haven’t already, you should watch Eastern Promises and A History of Violence. He’s great in both of them.

  12. I wrote a song for Viggo Mortensen

    Viggo, Viggo,

    Viggo Viggo Viggo

    Why you so handsome with your *face?*

    Viggo, Viggo, whoa oa oaaa

    Why you age like the numenorean *race?*

    Viggo, Viggo, you so handsome viggo

    whooa ooooaa viggooooaa


    your chiselled chin and kingly grin puts me in my place

    I’d sell you auto insurance…… for free

    so long as you say yes to me

    just this once

    just this once

    just this once- once- once- once- once-once-once-onceonceonceonceonceONCE

    *bass drop*

    unce unce unce unce

    unce unce unce unce

    unce unce unce unce

    Viggo you so finneeeee

    I’d like to wine and dine, come on don’t be

    a porcupine

    das rite

    das rite

    slay orcs with you all nite

    das rite

    excuse my manners sir, your flammifer look so fine in the moonlight

    fly your bannister, it can for sure move this boy to fight

    that’s right

    all my homies hate sauron

    this goes out to all my numenorean homies, all my southron homies, all my ranger homies, all my asian homies, all my elven homies, you the illest, it’s gonna be the mithrillest

    namárië niggas


  13. He got that set specifically to recreate the deer boy scene

  14. Wonder if he’s ever been asked about breaking his toe in the helmet?

  15. I feel like the Lego box could be cut out/pasted over easily, making this a potential meme template…

  16. I was about to say “wait, there is lotr lego” and then i realised i litterly owned the helms deep lego set when i was little

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