1. “Orc-speech sounds at all times full of hate and anger.”

    No matter, the Nobel committee has been a fucking joke for a long time now.

    Let’s see… There’s Henry Kissinger, Yasir Arafat, Elihu Root, and soooo many more.

  2. “Poor storytelling”? How rude of them to say that.

  3. Can we stop being so butthurt about this? You can adore something without thinking it’s flawless and beyond criticism.

    Firstly, everyone on the 1961 Nobel committee is dead. They don’t care.

    Secondly, Tolkien’s strengths were in his world-building, not the strength of his prose. Considering that the Nobel Prize for Literature is about the most demanding and competitive literary prize in the world, I think it’s fair to say that LoTR is a fantastic series that is undeserving of that particular prize.

    This is not something to be indignant about.

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