1. *2 male characters in literally any show or movie are close friends*

    OmG tHeY gAy

  2. In these comments I see a lot of people complaining about slash shipping, and everytime a post talking about slash ships is made on any subreddit, the same comments appear. “We need more male friendship” “not everything has to be gay”. I agree that friendship is important in films, and I agree that not everything has to be gay, but I think people need help understanding where the other side is coming from.

    The thing is, if Sam or Frodo had been a girl, there is no doubt in my mind everyone would agree they were a romance, because they would have had an on-screen kiss. I do like them as friends, but what’s the harm with thinking there were more than platonic feelings involved? There is none, and frankly there is some subtext for it. And NOBODY complains when people ship two friends that are opposite gender, somehow its only a problem when two male characters are involved.

    Honestly, the excuse that there isn’t enough male friendship shone in a positive light, is a little weak. Peter Parker and Ned from Spider Man, Harry and Ron from HP, Geralt and Dandelion from the Witcher, Arrow and Diggle from Arrow, Schmidt and Janko from 21 Jumpstreet, Otis and Eric from Sex Education, Percy and Grover from Percy Jackson, all four kids from Stranger Things, Phineas and Ferb, Elliot and Christopher from Scrubs. There are so many more from where that came from, because the majority of the time, two male characters ARE portrayed as friends, almost never lovers because it’s too controversial, ESPECIALLY if one of the men is the main character.

    Gay characters are often reserved to minor roles and in half-baked, uninteresting relationships for the company/author to have diversity points. Unless its a teen drama, in that case the LGBT characters are made into stereotypes. And the straight relationships shoe horned into stories, simply because this hot man and hot woman are in proximity to each other, are often times unconvincing and bland too. Susie’s character in LoTR was practically forgotten until the last five minutes.

    When people see two male characters who have interesting background, fantastic chemistry, and the potential to be a great couple, they are going to want them together. But you know what, all of the ships like this NEVER become canon, because they’re always kept as friends! They’re queerbaited for views, but never an actual couple. Because people will always complain “why does everything have to be gay?” And “respect male friendship”. It happens every single goddamn time. Destiel, Johnlock, Stucky, Merthur, Finnpoe, any major gay ship always follows this pattern. But never once have they been made canon. Seriously, if anyone can name me a major slash pairing that actually got together, let me know. I’ll be genuinely shocked. I’m sorry if this was long, but this has frustrated me for so long and I needed to get it off my chest.

  3. I really don’t know why people care about this. Like. If you wanna read Frodo and Sam as gay and make fanfic or whatever how is that hurting anyone?

  4. Clerks 2 had a point about how to make an Academy Award worthy ending though

  5. If by gay you mean the old English definition of “fun, enjoyable and carefree,” then yes, it’s extremely gay

  6. Hasn’t Frodo’s and Sam’s relationship already been clearly defined by Tolkien after the books were written? His claim that Sam was to Frodo as a Batman (military term not comic) to his assignment.

    Besides everyone knows the real ship is between Legolas and Gimli…..

  7. Gandalf: “#SuckingWizzardsDick , no rainbow

    See? Now come closer my hobbit friends….”


    Gandalf: “What?”

  8. Nothing wrong with a little bit of gayness between friends though 😉

  9. if frodo was a girl and sam was still a guy they would’ve been in a relationship.

  10. Fellas is it gay to kiss your best friends forehead before you leave the world forever?

  11. You’ve heard of /r/sapphoandherfriend
    Now get ready for /r/frodoandhissam

  12. That’s cuz it’s so gay it went rainbow in the high energy non visible light spectrum.

  13. “….and then Sam flat out lays bricks in Frodo’s mouth.” That would’ve been the academy award winning ending we deserved.

  14. Unpopularopinion but Sam’s sheer devotion to Frodo goes above and beyond the relationships of the other hobbits. To me it suggests something more and I do think that the relationship between Sam and Frodo suggest that Sam has some kind of romantic attraction to Frodo that goes beyond just friendship

  15. Idk man. I think it’s equally valid to interpret Sam and Frodo’s relationship as platonic or romantic. It’s very tender and loving either way. It doesn’t make what they had less genuine. Especially if a gay person sees themselves in a character, or aspects of their relationship in Sam and Frodo’s relationship, I think that’s a good thing and shouldn’t be frowned upon. There is of course something to be said for positive representation of male friendships, but interpreting Sam and Frodo as romantic doesn’t mean that you think every close male relationship is gay, and a platonic relationship could the same traits and still be simply platonic. Basically, it should be left up to the individual to determine their interpretation and I don’t think it’s fair to say they are wrong or right.

  16. The problem with complaining about this is that there are so few actual canon gay male relationships in popular culture. As a male queer person engaged to a man, looking at Frodo and Sam’s relationship as romantic in nature allows me to connect with the story in the same way straight people are more able to connect with Aragorn/Arwen or Faramir/Eowyn. If there were more gay male relationships in popular media we would have that to relate to instead of having to read gayness into platonic male relationships.

  17. Idc what u say there was some serious bromance going on between sam and frodo

  18. so what exactly did Sam and Frodo do when the screen faded black on mt doom?

  19. I think the post itself and the comments are getting the intention of this meme format wrong lmao. This meme is all about how a (perceived) gay thing is introduced as something that is not gay to preserve ‘masculinity’ (kissing your homies goodnight).

    So yay you just went ahead and said friendship between hobbits is gay (unless you think kissing your homies goodnight isn’t gay in that case kudos to you).

  20. Sam straight up admits he’s loves Frodo while watching him sleep.

    I can’t quit you, Master!

  21. While I agree Sam and Frodo were just good friends you can’t tell me merry and pippin weren’t dating


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