The situation at the moment

The situation at the moment

The situation at the moment

2 years ago
  1. Dear the rest of the world,

    There are a large portion of Americans who aren’t cunts and who are taking it seriously. Those of us who are taking it seriously hate the ones who refuse to wear a mask just as much as you do.


    An American who’s not a cunt.

  2. I’m in Scotland and we have plenty of people being stupid. 2 of my neighbours have had their children and grandchildren at their houses before it was allowed. My other neighbour who’s about 90 had his friend who’s also about 90 at his house.

  3. Hey rest of the world. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a good talk. Let me just say that the heart of this meme is funny, however, many people are taking this into fact for use in their anti-US sentiments online.

    First off: the content you see online is moderated by at least 3 things. The original poster, mods, and other users. Let’s do some thought experiments.

    OP finds a stupid video of an American not wearing a mask, he knows that it will get upvotes in the current climate. It doesn’t violate rules so the mods let it pass, and users upvote.

    But let’s say OP posts an American wearing a mask. It’s not very funny, and doesn’t fly well in the anti USA climate. If mods don’t get butthurt and remove it, users downvote because they’ve sucked up so much content saying “America Bad”.

    Thus we have a very clear instance of negativity bias.

    We are wearing masks, we are following rules of lockdown (at least those of us who aren’t protesting or whatever), and we aren’t all “Karens”. No, the majority of the US doesn’t believe it’s a hoax. These instances you see are very isolated and get a lot of attention because they’re just that, isolated. These instances that you see are rare and aren’t indicative of a nation of idiots.

    Please, this is just a meme. Don’t take them as facts.

  4. Nah we not rlly wearing masks in the UK, just staying home

  5. Nope, they sadly do it in EU too. Not as much and loud as they do it in the US, but i see more and more ignorant people who only puts on the mask sobthey can enter the shops, but they immediately pull it off once they are in.

  6. Pain in the ass but this is similar to the UK. I wear a mask whenever I go out (unless I’m going for a walk in secluded areas etc) but basically nobody else does. I even get people giving me dirty looks for wearing it and yesterday a guy looked at me and then took a step away (despite the 2m distance) with a disgusted look on his face. Honestly frustrates me that I’m statistically one of the least likely people around to give people Covid because I isolate, distance and mask up appropriately, yet people treat me like I’m carrying the plague. I’ve not had Covid yet and feel healthy (obv could be a carrier) so gimme a break.

    Lotr subreddit probably not the best place to rant but I’m tired of being made to feel disgusting and contagious, being treated with suspicion, simply because I don’t want to accidentally infect (and potentially kill) someone.

  7. The fact that some USA peeps are taking this meme somewhat seriously is actually funnier than the meme itself.

    Of course people know you aren’t all like this. It’s just a joke, like the millions of “French = surrender” memes or the “Russians = Weird/Hardcore” or “Australia = place where everything kills you”.

  8. Got to an appointment the other day and had people show up without masks. I refused to work with them and tossed out around 3-5k when I got into a fight with them. There are absolutely Americans that care. I take exception to the over generalized idea that Americans don’t care.

  9. The government and peer pressure should not dictate my basic freedoms. I should be able to travel unmolested, the government should not be able to dictate my business hours, etc. Vietnam didnt stop because of the HK Flu. The premise of America is being destroyed. Once governments take power they never give it back. I’ll say I told ya so when they set up concentration camps…
    Yeah, it may seem like a slippery slope argument but most Germans didnt think the Nazi regime was capable either…

  10. Funny. Last time I checked, with the exclusion of New York (who has an incompetent governor and mayor) the USA has actually been handling covid a lot better than other parts of the world.

    But that’s okay, you can continue to be salty that we have the strongest economy in the world and a military that could bulldoze all your cities at a moments notice.

    Until, fuck off you hairy armpitted, deodorant eschewing cowardly excuses for people.

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