1. But they were deceived all of them, for another cat was made.

  2. The cats look just as confused about this whole situation as we are. If this is real I would love to know how this happened.

  3. His cat: A cat is never late, nor is it early. It arrives precisely when it means to

  4. Do you think someone else owns the second cat and when the first one disappeared he was at the second owners house?

  5. I’ve had this dream constantly, and knowing that it’s actually happened to someone (and someone with such a distinctive looking cat, no less) is frankly terrifying.

  6. Gandalf: All our hopes now lie with two little furries, somewhere in the wilderness.

  7. But they were all of them deceived, for another cat was made

  8. What if neither are the original cat and these two are just there for the food.

  9. Went and pulled a Greg Focker move and ended up with two Jinxy cats

  10. His cat is that person who breaks up with you, but as soon as you get with someone else, they want back into your life.

  11. (Cat finds the other cat) *You’re late. Our master grows impatient.*

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