The great battle of Canadian Border

The great battle of Canadian Border

The great battle of Canadian Border

2 years ago
  1. As a Canadian I can confirm that this is what the border looks like.

  2. I don’t understand why people are so desperate to go on foreign holidays. Its the same in my country as well.. Why not wait until next year?

  3. Now for wrath, now for ruins, and the Canadian border! *HOLIDAYYYY!!*

  4. Replace Canada with Ireland and we are having the same issue. Fly in through Belfast and travel down……so annoying

  5. I’m happy the border is closed, I dont want Americans in my country right now

  6. I grew up in Vermont and there was a library that was half in the United States, half in Canada. It has served as a meeting place for families affected by the travel ban (that’s still going on BTW) but with COVID that fine institution is closed.

    [Haskell Library](

  7. As an American, I am deeply offended…

    …by the shear and complete stupidity of a great multitude of my fellow Americans. How hard is it to just stay at home and wear a mask when you go to the freaking store?!

  8. as long as they stay away from the maple syrup reserves im fine with it

  9. Im curious how it works on the Lakes. Are their border patrols on them?

  10. I vacation every summer in Canada( supposed to be there right now actually) and completely understand why the border is closed. Even if it magically opened, I wouldn’t go because it would be irresponsible.

  11. As a Canadian, this is one of the few occasions where I wish that border was more tightly shut. I love going to the US normally but right now it would just be stupid.

    Fact is a lot of entry point aren’t watched enough and it is inevitable that many will be able to enter Canada, and of course they won’t be the responsible ones, as these guys are still home.

  12. We spent years screaming for a wall to keep people from the south out. Oh how the tables have turned.

  13. Americans during a pandemic: Yknow what? I feel like a vacation

  14. Me: Waiting for Gandalf to roll in with some UN peacekeepers and fend off the scourge

  15. All we need now is a follow up meme with a vastly overweight American on a motorized medical scooter, MAGA hat, and hot dog carrying the torch towards the pile of explosives.

  16. All these blokes worried about Vacation. I just want to go to the freaking cinema and be normal again.

  17. I went to Canada this weekend. Our lake cabin sits on a lake that straddles the border, so I never set foot on Canadian soil, but I was still technically in Canada when I took a pontoon ride around the lake.

  18. I can guarantee you those people aren’t tourists. They are them small batch of sane people in the US trying to leave. /s

    No seriously. it’s chaos down here.

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