That’s funny because i don’t seem to remember asking

That’s funny because i don’t seem to remember asking

2 years ago
  1. What’s funny is that 24 of those 300 pages are chapter 1 of Fellowship.

  2. Damn people really can’t forgive this show, but then again I can’t forgive Lost for wasting my time

  3. He made a 3 hour movie out of 20 pages in the book.

  4. My biggest problem is the last movie in terms of source material theirs only about 30-40 pages left in the book and most of it is set up for the big battle. The dwarves and Bilbo sneaking into the mountain takes up about 10 and wondering where is Smaug then. Their is about 15 pages of setting up the battle with all of the different factions then 3 pages of actual fighting then it’s over you have the aftermath and then Bilbo goes home it’s a very short battle and not very descriptive the real climax of the book is Bilbo’s conversation with Smaug.

  5. well at least it’s a good trilogy. except for that bitch (you know who i’m talking about)

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