Sweet Dreams are made of... using Player input!

Sweet Dreams are made of… using Player input!

Sweet Dreams are made of… using Player input!

7 months ago
  1. Oh my god he’s planning to use the posion to posion the water supply?

    Me, the dm: well he was just gonna use it on you guys but now he is

  2. Better part is when accidentally leave plot threads that you accidentally forget the pay off for and one of your players believes it connects to what they are currently doing and it somehow fits perfectly, happened so many times that my party thinks I’m the greatest DM ever, reality is they are writing my story for me because I forgot I made those plot threads in the first place

  3. Truth. Done this several times as DM, I love it when my players write my plots for me.

  4. My players constantly have cool suggestions that I just go with. I’m starting to wonder if they’re more creative than me.

    *Group is on a tour of a magical item museum*

    PC: “Hey so are there any…. extra powerful items hidden in a back room or something?”

    Me: *Furiously searching up items to put in this room that I have just decided exists*

  5. BBEGs are made of these

    Who am I to disagree?

    I DM the world and the seven seas

    Every party’s looking for something

    Some of them want to accuse rules

    Some of them want to be accused

    Some of them want to abuse rules

    Some of them want to be abused

  6. That’s the perk of being lazy and having invested players : take what they say and twist it, gets them every time!

  7. This is a quality meme. Relatable premise, original yet instantly recognizable image. Gud jerb.

  8. I’ll always regret saying “I really don’t like this priest guy”

    Turns out the DM just wanted a friendly priest, and because of me he got turned into a cultist weirdo, and I almost died

  9. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

    Steal the best ideas from your players and twist them *just a little* from what they propose. They get the satisfaction of being right, and get surprised too.

    Usually the types of story-elements someone comes up with are particularly satisfying for that person, so it works doubly well.

  10. Yep using “player input” is the best way to make a great campaign. Also the players failing a mission and barely getting out alive. Makes for more fun story lines.

  11. From a player to DMs: please use this sparingly. It’s cool when occasionally my theories are correct but it makes me feel like I’m the writer and character in my own book if it happens too often.

  12. Sweet dreams *are* made of these. Sweet dreams of world domination, that is.

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