1. Sure, Minas Tirith is nice. But look at the location (nearby border with Mordor)!

  2. If you can afford the Golden Hall Meduseld, you can afford anything

  3. OP: “What is the house of Rohan but a thatched barn where brigands drink in the reek and brats roll on the floor with the dogs?”

    Edit: brats, not rats

  4. I’ve never understood why “the home we can afford” image is always a nice place to live lol

  5. Well you’ve got a nice holiday home at Helms Deep too – just a small drainage problem to fix.

  6. Meduseld is way cozier than Minas tirith though…

  7. People never consider how gross minas tirith would actually be to live in though. No plumbing and a tiered city design like that is gonna result in a loooot of crap accumulating in the bottom levels so unless the fountain guard have part time sewage cleaning responsibilities that city is gonna be a stinky pit of plague 100% of the time. Plus the housing inequality would probably put london to shame

  8. Opposite for me. I always turn of the lights but my family never does that

  9. Don’t you dare disrespect the golden hall of meduseld

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