1. We role played one of our NPC friends getting married and we threw her a bachelorette party. This included (among other things) finding scouts and spies from an evil country crossing the border and smoking them. They were 4th level. We were 14th.

  2. Sometimes you just want to shoot fish in a barrel. Not worry about resource management and finally use all your cool powers

  3. I still say that the UA menacing feat is broken on conquest pali.

  4. DMs, remember to throw an encounter at your high level parties that would’ve threatened them at lower levels but can crush now. Nothing makes them feel stronger than seeing how far they’ve come.

    Source: hit my level 11 party with a group of Sahuagin that they would’ve probably run from when we started, but instead they literally put the Sahuagin heads on pikes without breaking a sweat.

  5. Just had a fun idea. Run a low to mid level campaign. Then run a high level evil campaign. End it with 1v1 duels against their old characters.

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