"Sir, the beacon is moving"

“Sir, the beacon is moving”

“Sir, the beacon is moving”

2 years ago
  1. Only now realizing he probably landed within the city walls too

  2. Also the way down. Dude turned into a roasted wiener.

  3. He didn’t burn himself on the beacon. It was a pyre within the citadel.

  4. not there yet, only on the Two Towers (trying to watch the whole extended ed. this weekend!) But he did ran far, and with all that hair too…

  5. I thought the city had 7 levels/rings, here I only see 5?

  6. *stops for a glass of water, thanks the steward that handed him the glass then proceeds to scream and run toward the edge

  7. Any other clear editing errors like this? Haven’t seen this one before. Good catch

  8. They were in the citadel.
    Not in the back where the beacons are.

    Edit: I was wrong. The extended version shows them going to back by the beacon

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