1. The RobIt : An Unexpected Repost

    The RobIt : The Desolation of Reposters

    The RobIt : The Reposts of Five Armies

    Lord of the Reposts : The Upvoters of Repost

    Lord of the Reposts : The Two Reposts

    Lord of the Reposts : The Return of the Post

    Tom Repostadillo

    The Repostar of Earendil

    Pair of Galadriel

    The Order of Repostari

    The Stealmarillion

    Thugrin Thugrambar

    Reposteruman of Many Colours

    Looterlia Thugville-Beggins






    King Thiefgol of Duoriath

    Low Elffort of Loothlorien


    Lady Aredhel Ar-thiefiniel of Repostondolin

    Thiefanduil of Greedwood the Great



    Princess Scamariƫn of Numerous

    Duriplicate VII King of Bworrowdelf

    Tar-Oldarion of Numerous

    Fraudo Beggins of Robitton

    Ecthieflion of the Foundain

    Thugo Boffin

    Repostorodrim (Mountains of Reposts in Elvish)

    Rathugast the Brown

    Mr.Bilbo the Burglar

    King of the Hobgoblins

    Corsair of Umbar, pirate scum

    Stealtius Took (Old Took)

    Duodred son of Duoden King of Duorlingas


    Galathiefriel Lady of Repost-in-edhill

    Repostotho Stealville-Beggins

    Repostosto Boffin

    Perepostrin Took

    Do you know how the reposts first came into being? They were OC once, taken by the uncreative powers, posted, upvoted.

    Muster the Repostirrim!

    And for you Fraudo Beggins, I give you the Repostar of Earendil. May it be a karmawhoring to you in famous places, when all other karma go out.

    Fool of a Took!

    One Repost to rule them all and in darkness of New bind them.

    There was a social media, the One, who in Earth is called Reddit; and it made first the subreddits, the Holy Ones, that were the offspring of its thought, and they were with It before aught else was made. And It spoke to them, propounding to them themes of OC; and members posted before It, and It was glad. But for a long while they posted only low-effort, or but few high-quality, while the rest lurked; for each comprehended only that part of the mind of Reddit from which it came, and in the understanding of their brethren they grew but slowly. Yet ever as they lurked they came to deeper understanding, and increased in OC and high-quality content.

    The wise post only of what they create, Reposter son of Uncreative. A witless worm have you become.

    You offer upvotes to reposts freely? In place of an uncreative karmawhore you will have a Queen of OC! And I shall not be a reposter but beautiful and terrible OC maker as the Morning and the Night!

    We had one repost yes, but what about second repost?

    I asked for 1 OC. She gave me 3 reposts.

    We had nothing but maggoty reposts for 3 stinking days. Yeah why we can’t have some OC?

    One does not simply create high quality content.

    If by my life or death, I can destroy this repost, I will. You have my downvote.

    So you have chosen… Downvote.

    And what about really old posts? Repostdalf?

    The Repostir is a dangerous tool.

    Sneaky little reposters. They stole it from us. My precious OC.

    Go back to the shadow! You… Shall not… Repost!

    There are markings. It’s some kinda repost. I can’t upvote it.

    There is some OC in this sub, and it’s worth fighting for.

    Let this be the hour when we downvote reposts together.

    Re-pos-ters, scorn them, downvote them, stick them in New/prevent them from Hot.

    A day may come when we upvote reposts and break all bounds of Fellowship. An hour of low-effort content and reposters. When the age of high quality OC comes crushing down. But it is not this day!

    Let us together rebuild this sub that we may share in days of OC.

    Get thee gone from our sub, thou reposter-crow of Manduos.

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