Sam was doing most the work but okay.

Sam was doing most the work but okay.

Sam was doing most the work but okay.

2 years ago
  1. Except Sam thought Frodo didn’t get *enough* credit for his actions in the War of the Ring. Everyone in the Shire paid attention to Merry and Pippen because of their fancy armor and actions in the Scouring of the Shire, but really didn’t give a whole lot of heed to what Frodo had endured. Sam always thought very highly of Frodo, and more or less believed he had only done his duty as Frodo’s servant and friend.

  2. Except Sam would have been the first to charge right behind Aragorn had he been there because he better than anyone knew that the safety of the world came down to getting Frodo to the mountain. He would have been glad everyone was on the same page in that moment.

  3. Raise your hand if you’re really jealous of Rosie Cotton


  4. I always think about that scene in the movie and how Frodo probably thought he was fucking dead. The last thing he remembers is taking a nap on an erupting volcano and the first person he sees is his old friend who fell off a cliff fighting a balrog

  5. There are a lot of English class issues in the Hobbit relationships that American people don’t get.

  6. Didn’t the battle of the black gate lure the ye of Sauron to them which was the entire reason for the “for Frodo”. Without that then Sauron might as well have sent all the nazgul in one fell swoop to take em out quickly

  7. Meanwhile Sam is carrying Frodo up a literal volcano while Frodo has a lil nap

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