1. “We set out to save the Shire, Sam, and it has been saved – but not for me”

    Cue waterworks

  2. my least favorite thing about lotr is that it has to end

  3. And once the credits roll and you sigh, you suddenly feel happy because Fellowship of the Ring is up next.

    Or if you’re like me, you roll through The Hobbit trilogy after RotK and then Fellowship after Battle of the Five Armies. And you repeat until you die. The Hobbit films are not perfect but they let me spend a little more time in Middle Earth.

  4. You forgot the last panel where you know the double meaning that the song has with Cameron Duncan.

  5. One of those rare moments in which I really cried in the cinema

  6. Always got to post stuff like this after I finished watching it 🙁

  7. One of the only things that have ever made me audibly cry

  8. Sam goes home and closes his door….
    Credits roll and you see all the characters portraits once more…
    Lord of the Rings fan club names play for the following 2 hours….

  9. I do live streaming for corporations and other organisations, and lately I have had to do a lot of funerals due to travel restrictions here in Australia (not COVID-19 related deaths thankfully). I try to remain professional, keep my emotions in check (some funerals are more depressing than others), but last week a funeral had “into the west” playing as they lowered the coffin. I think it greatly affected everyone present, even if they didn’t know it was from LOTR.

  10. I literally almost made this exact meme not 3 days ago. But you did what I could not.

  11. Not gonna lie when I first saw Return of the king I actually cried

  12. Idk about you guys but the scene that gets me is when Sam decides to carry Frodo up the mountain. It’s just so good

  13. Bruh put a spoiler I just started return of the king (book)

  14. Don’t worry, Sam and Frodo reunite. It is also likely Frodo reunited with Legolas and Gimli.

  15. I always felt like everything except for the shire post eagles taking frodo and sam to safety was really weak. I get it’s supposed to be emotional, but it just feels like a weird payoff to just cut to him in a bed and then leaving on a ship.

  16. “That’s there’s some good in this world, Mr Frodo. And it’s worth fighting for.”

    Im not crying, you’re crying…

  17. The last goodbye would have been a better song for that ending

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