1. As a kid I was like “thank god the wizard guy literally has man in his name”

  2. The 1978 animated film changed Saruman’s name to Aruman for this very reason.

    Unfortunately, they didn’t think of doing this until after production began, so sometimes the character is still referred to as “Saruman” in some scenes and “Aruman” in others.

  3. I know my 14 year old ass got turned around a time or two (phrasing)

  4. My confusion as a child was reinforced by my brother also being confused and just saying “Yes, they’re basically the same.” — No… they are not the same, Chris.

  5. It used to bother to me to no end as a kid that Gandalf didn’t know Saruman was evil when his name was literally the same as the big evil eye Saruman. Like wtf Gandalf, even 10 year old me figured it out…

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