Petition for making it true

Petition for making it true

Petition for making it true

3 months ago
  1. One of the small folk has become submerged in your river and is floating towards you.

    A: Sink into the mud a little more and wait longer.

    B: Sparkle seductively to catch his attention.

    C: Chant your inscription to frighten the newcomer.

    D: Let the current sweep you away to a new locale.

  2. Play shadow of mordor and shadow of war, they are in the same universe as lord of the ring and tells the story about how the ring was made and how sauron was resurrected

  3. Imagine playing as the ring, constantly trying to escape from your owner (depending on when the game takes place). It would be kind of funny, ngl.

  4. But what about playing as the Thinking Fox from *The Fellowship of the Ring* book?

  5. All fun and games until one player has acquired the ring and they will have to stick a finger up your butt in order to wear *the ring.*

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