Peasants...Those are rookie numbers!

Peasants…Those are rookie numbers!

Peasants…Those are rookie numbers!

2 years ago
  1. He watched it on Netflix 300 times.
    Which means he watched the theatrical version 300 times.

    He didn’t watch the extended edition. In my book, that means he hasn’t watched lotr. At all

  2. >watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy 300 times in 2018

    “And then in 2019 I watched it another 300 times!”


    “ANOTHER 300 TIMES!”

  3. An alliance Exists between Prequelmemes and lotrmemes. I come to honour that allegiance

  4. Not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need. Nothing less than a knight. Shining.

  5. kind of creepy that Netflix can just see and then release the viewing information of one of their subscribers

  6. And if they’d been watching the Extended Edition, I bet they could’ve gotten at least 12 viewings done.

  7. This isn’t very specific. They didn’t even say which month this occurred.

  8. Someone help this guy. He just watched the theatrical non-extended version 300 times. He must be saved…

  9. When I was younger I couldn’t sleep without the tv on and I would watch starwars episode 2 on DVD every night for about 2 years on a loop. that movie played about 5 times a night for about 700 days

  10. Star wars is so shite pls stop with pairing it with the godness of lotr… what would gimly say

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