1. The Shire did look like they had a lot of good food, Bilbo’s birthday party is prolly on my top ten culinary events.

  2. “This is a great meme…I can help a bit…I can carry it for a while… share the ‘lol’….”

  3. This lembas bread is off the hook! Looks like we’re riding the eagles to Flavortown tonight!!

  4. People give Guy a lot of crap. But apparently he’s a really good person, volunteers w tons of charitable organizations, is approachable to fans and never makes women or others uncomfortable.

  5. When you try cooking with weird ingredients just to see what they taste like

  6. I just sent this photo to my friends. I literally have been asked if I am Sean Astin several times in life.

  7. Link to a YouTube clip? Or can someone tell me what episode this is from?

  8. Po-tay-toes! Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew. Lovely big golden chips with a nice piece of fried fish. essential flavor town fare!

  9. i want to see a review of all the extra meals hobbits have

  10. Looks like a repost. I’ve seen this image 13 times.

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  11. Isn’t this the fake hacker guy from Brooklyn Nine Nine or am I tripping

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