Old news, but congrats, Matt

Old news, but congrats, Matt

7 months ago
  1. Matt dictated for a lot of people how DMing is supposed to be like. I also love how from the show alone you can not tell a single thing about Matt, you dont feel his hand when he is DMing and he completelly stops existing when he is in character

  2. When dming becomes the way I make a living I’ll be like Matt Mercer

  3. I want Matt Mercer to guest on Epic Rap Battles of History as Gary Gygax.

  4. To preface, I think Matt Mercer is a terrific DM, and all his players are top notch. Critical Role is incredibly interesting, and i love listening to the podcasts. My only issue with people complaining about the Matt Mercer effect is that the never defined the boundaries of their campaign. I’ve seen other people talking about that nebulously, but I feel that can be funneled into a few cohesive points: you get out as much as you put in, you must be an active player to get the most out, and don’t expect to be told a story, it has to be crafted by everyone at the table. I feel like DMs that struggle with the Matt Mercer effect experience any or all of the above, where players passively do nothing then get frustrated, which reflects the frustration back on the DM.

  5. I’ve actually been intermittently working on creating a campaign to run in Wildemount, so I’m super jazzed about this!

  6. Casual D&D fan, don’t actually watch Critical Roll. What world of Matt’s got made into official material?

  7. Balance book when… well, I guess it is getting a card game, so that’s good too.

  8. Ifht but. When are we getting a plane scape campaign book for 5e

  9. He is a great DM but let’s not pretend that WotC made their decision for any reason other than the popularity of Critical Role.

  10. So since I’m new to this, is there a book for Taldorei already? Or is it included with Wildemount?

  11. He *is* a great DM, a great guy, and I’m pleased as punch that he gets to see his creation in the same style of printing as official handbooks with the D&D logo on it. It’s absolutely buckwild and he deserves it.

    But it sure isn’t *because he’s a great DM*. It’s because Critters are a ravenous market for Critical Role content and merch, and Hasbro is hungry for consumers. Circle of life style of thing.

  12. Wait does this mean we are getting official versions of his homebrew?

  13. I don’t watch critical role, but is the new book based on the first campaign setting or the second campaign setting, or do both campaigns take place in world?

  14. The DnD communities (however small) odd hate for him due to the Mercer effect is such an odd thing to see because it’s so irrational. The Mercer effect is a fault of shitty people/players not Matt. The guy has went on the record a number of times saying people don’t need to be like him and that any way you play the game is the right way discouraging that type of thinking. If you’re a fan of the NBA it’s a similar thing to some people who blame Steph Curry for ruining youth basketball because he revolutionized the league with his 3pt shooting.

    Blaming someone who is successful in a field for the natural human response of others trying to imitate them when they don’t encourage it themselves is flat out dumb. The guy is great at his job, has created a great example for the possibilities DnD as a game can bring. All while being humble and helping the game grow and flourish.

  15. I’ve often thought to myself while listening to Crit Role that I just want to crawl into Matt’s brain to see how he thinks/creates. A masterclass in DMing taught by Matt would be fascinating.

  16. Famous*

    Great is debateable. I’ve heard plenty of people not like the guy. Disclaimer: I like the guy.

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