1. This sort of stuff actually makes me fairly anxious about aging. I was only 5 or 6 when the first movie came out. It’s weird to reach a point in my life when I have such vivid memories from multiple decades ago

  2. What?!? The fellowship didn’t come out 20 years ago. It came out in 2001….19 years ago………damn, when did my everything start hurting

  3. great thanks how about a kick in the nuts while you’re at it

  4. And I’m now the same age as Vigo Mortensen when he starred in the LotR movies! ….just not nearly as handsome a lad

  5. Me and my friends who weren’t born when the movies came out: “WE ARE GOING TO LIVE FOREVER”

  6. My life is basically divided into pre-Fellowship (I turned 18 in 2001) and post-Fellowship which means I’ve officially been an adult longer than I was a kid. Thanks, I hate it.

  7. Meanwhile, Ian McKellen is the same age as Ian McKellen when he played gandalf, 20 years ago.

  8. I believe Luke Skywalker put it best when he said “That’s not true! That’s *impossible*!”

  9. But can you make in any more obvious that you took it from r/pics

  10. This really means time flies and life will be over quick. What a relief.

  11. Imagine being such a chad that you do the most physically straining role in a film at 40

  12. It’s a little scary, seeing the actors of all my favourite movies growing up, now that I’m almost two decades old.

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