1. “Battle of The Five Armies memes here? My Lord of the Rings, is that legal?”

  2. Working on the hobbit trilogy probably took years off PJs life. Watch the bts, I don’t think he smiles once.

    The studio threw him into it when Del Toro left and didn’t give him time to put in the work necessary to make it good. I give him a pass for that reason alone: the studio screwed this up and Peter Jackson has suffered enough for it.

  3. You just don’t understand the true genius of Alfrid. You see, his magnificent unibrow, in it’s great length, is actually a representation of the stretched out and thin story threads of the Hobbit film trilogy.

    Truly a visionary director.

  4. This character and the mayor were the worst character PJ ever made in his franchises.

  5. I will say that the Hobbit is a much lighter story than the LOTR, closer to the more traditional hero story.

    Also that the Hobbit was stretched too far in an attempt to make Lord of the Rings 2: Electric Boogalo

  6. almost as deep as the abyss were gandalf and balrog fell, where later the writers went and threw down their brains before starting to write battleofthe5armies

  7. Considering what he did to Gimli’s character this man has no right to talk shit on Tom

  8. Did we REALLY need Tom Bombadil? Does he add THAT much to the Lord of the Rings? Like, if you removed his entire section from the book, does it ruin the overall story? It wouldn’t for me. He shows up once, gets mentioned on time after, and nothing.

  9. Can I ask where those Tom Bombadil representations came from?

  10. As a young reader I felt Tom bombadil was such an important part of the book

  11. Imagine justifying anything through the hobbit. I think most people would agree these are very standard alone trilogies lol

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