Not even them have any idea

Not even them have any idea

Not even them have any idea

2 years ago
  1. This is the greatest shade I’ve ever seen thrown. Fantastic

  2. Where was Gondor when our enemies closed in around us!?

  3. Ahhhhhhh that one actually got me. Well played i laughed out loud

  4. I just realized how useless a remembrall really is in hindsight

  5. How dare you post something funny and original on this sub

  6. I am subbed to HP and LOTR so you really got me with this one nice.

  7. I get this is lotrings but it was actually his robes if you ever wondered… he’s the only one not wearing them.

  8. Never has the voice in my head gone from 11 year old British Neville longbottom to Theoden of Rohan. That narraration was so jarring I love it

  9. I know this is a cliche thing to say on Reddit, but this should have way more upvotes.

  10. Definitely a repost, but I still upvoted considering just how incredible this joke is

  11. Remembrall needs to turn into the eye of sauron like the palantir for ultimate dankness

  12. The Longbottom leaf has clearly slowed your mind.

  13. I am going to go out on a limb here and say the Giants won’t get it done.

  14. Where was Gondor when we let Harry Potter plebs invade the sub?

  15. Where was Gondor when the crossover memes closed in around us?

  16. By far the best r/lotrmemes I have ever seen.

    Grond status

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