No fan should have to bury their franchise

No fan should have to bury their franchise

No fan should have to bury their franchise

3 months ago
  1. The only things that motivate the general audience is spectacle and pornography.

  2. pEoPlE lIkE gAmE oF tHrOnEs, LeTs jUsT mAkE iT gAmE oF tHrOnEs

  3. Yeah Ngl I usually don’t care about this stuff, but this is a pretty depressing example of the state of the modern age

  4. Considering GOT is the ratings gold standard. All the fantasy shows want to say they’ll “be the next Game of Thrones”, who’s first few seasons were choc full of floppy wieners and surprisingly diverse breasts. Honestly, kind of a positive body image thing, let the ladys be uneven and deflated.

  5. I feel like, that for a lot of ppl lotr is the literary equivalent to the “innocent” best friend trope. They’re a real person, with troubles and darkness like everyone, yet ppl want to imagine them as this sexless and vanilla pg-fantasy being. While theres some truth ti that, it really oversimplifies some of the story and forces other possibilities into a box.

    Looking at you nienor and turin

  6. I don’t know why everyone is so upset, I’d love to see elf titties.

  7. We asked 2020 if this was all it could conjure. And this is its answer

  8. No, not literally every fan. The presence of sexuality does not immediately mean there is an absence of quality. Obviously, if season 1 starts off with someone getting raped, graphically, that’s different from all the information we have so far: intimacy coordinator (which is necessary even for kissing) and sheer clothing. Tolkien may have disagreed, and it’s fair to state this, but he was from another time, and was a devout Catholic. His views on sexuality are inconsistent with modern, secular views on it.

    People jumped from the info available to their own conclusions about there being excessive and gratuitous nudity.

  9. Not this fan lol.

    I don’t see how nudity could possibly ruin LOTR… although this won’t be LOTR, it’s more Silmarillion

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