Melkor vs Sauron vs Night King

Melkor vs Sauron vs Night King

Melkor vs Sauron vs Night King

5 months ago
  1. I’ve never seen a photo like that for Sauron or read the Silmarillion. Now I feel like a basic fan, not a true one.

  2. And so the werewolves were made. But they were deceived, for more werewolves have been created.

  3. Why does Sauron look like an illustration of The Whore of Babylon from an old Jehovah’s Witness bible study book?

  4. Could you link me the image of Sauron? I can’t find it on google lol

  5. Is Sauron female in some Alt canon or is this a really stylized male…?

  6. haha that’s brilliant

    Night King : Judased a Dragon and died via a papercut.

  7. Night walker dude died like a bitch because the writers can’t write for shit.

  8. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure melkor did not create the Balrogs…

  9. First battle? I mean, he did cause the apocalypse once before. But sure, insecurely bash GOT for some reason.

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