Low effort beg your pardon

Low effort beg your pardon

Low effort beg your pardon

2 years ago
  1. Didn’t Paul McCartney say the only thing keeping him from going full vegan was cheese? With that kind of allure, comparing cheese to the one ring is very fitting.

  2. The one thing that would eventually beware me of becoming a vegan is the loss of cheese (or other dairy products). The vegan counterparts taste hideous, I’ve already tried them.

  3. this but wit eggs bro. you can’t simulate a sunny side up egg no matter what you use.

  4. And here I am moving towards a carnivore diet because I feel better on it

  5. It’s all fun and games till you can’t have a buttery grilled cheese full of kraft singles.

  6. Hot take: I’m not vegan, but I actually think vegan cheese is better than dairy cheese. Both in terms of flavor and texture. I will conceded though that it doesn’t melt as well.

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