1. “Tell me, where is [the manager]? For I much desire to speak with him.”

  2. The one right above aragorn looks like Marie Antoinette, let them eat second breakfast

  3. And then he beheaded the messenger. Is movie Aragorn a Karen?

  4. Cave Johnson: “I demand to speak to life’s manager, or I’m gonna burn your house down! With some lemons!”

  5. vs Chad

    Come, open wide,
    dark king, your ghastly brazen doors!
    Come forth, whom earth and heaven abhors!
    Come forth, O monstrous craven lord,
    and fight with thine own hand and sword,
    thou wielder of hosts of banded thralls,
    thou tyrant leaguered with strong walls,
    thou foe of Gods and elvish race!
    I wait thee here. Come! Show thy face!’

  6. This isn’t funny Aragon would never act like a Karen. Take my upvote you crazy bastard

  7. I’m sure a lot of people would be quite happy to let a Karen air their grievances to an ugly bastard who implies they’ve tortured their friend to death and see how far it gets them

  8. The lady that talks to ghosts on the tv has amazing karen hair and should be utilized in these karen memes more. That is all.

  9. curse you, u/drgeezerladypleaser! curse you and all the halflings!

  10. That picture of the first Karen there. I wonder who she really is. What if she’s actually a really sweet woman who is against Karens too. I wonder if Buzzfeed or Unilad did her interview.

  11. They will definitely marinate it lol. My ex was just a pretty good shot to win this thing, despite all of the ballots! Count all of the jokes carry racist connotations. Don’t even touch the topic of Rareware their game over screens scared the crap out of them to see how these people work around animals every day, to the government,

    I also hope OP got permission.

  12. Wait, you’re not the manager?
    *draws sword and beheads Mouth of Sauron*

  13. Aragorn: You will suffer me! [the King of the Dead sighs, his minimum wage job wasn’t worth this]

    King of the Dead: The way is shut. There was a small spill and the aisle will be open shortly.

    Aragorn: I summon you to fulfill your oath. Let me speak to your manager!

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