JULE$ is as useless as a shoe shop in the shire, jail-hoe of Mandos!

JULE$ is as useless as a shoe shop in the shire, jail-hoe of Mandos!

JULE$ is as useless as a shoe shop in the shire, jail-hoe of Mandos!

2 years ago
  1. Wait for real? I thought Gandalf was taller than that?! Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me.

  2. Ian McKellan is 5’11” and so are Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom and Sean Bean coincidentally

  3. Gandalf in movies is 6 feet tall though. That’s why this number doesn’t add up to people here.

  4. Gandalf probably looked taller because he surrounded himself with Hobbits and Dwarves, I don’t really blame him

  5. I’m 6′ but in Denmark. This is the equivalent of being a Hobbit in Rivendell. It’s all relative.


    Oh my god I love it! 😆

  7. Ooh
    I’m 5’6″
    Well, I feel better about my height now !

  8. I don’t get why we simply don’t just ignore people like this?

  9. A Wizard is never too short, nor is he too tall. He is exactly the height he wants to be.

  10. Here we go again a little girl who doesn’t understand love.

  11. Let me start off by saying that any female member of this sub, any female that regularly binge watches the LotR trilogy is just perfect in every conceivable way.

    That being said. The women I’ve dated are just terrible when it comes to men and their heights. It’s not enough to just tell me that I’m tall. They have to trash talk their ex’s. “Omg I’m so glad you’re tall, the last guy I dated…all I could ever think about when I looked at him was ‘god you’re short’”

    Now before you think I’m height flexing, Ive experienced it in the other direction. There was a girl who had most of her height in her torso whereas I have most of my height in my legs. She ended the date because SHE WAS TALLER THAN ME WHILE WE SAT DOWN!

    I stayed and finished my drinks and Peter Jackson just kept the camera rolling while I played pool with some guys I met at the pub.

  12. I don’t understand why this borderline sexist shit keeps getting tossed around this sub lately and then upvoted like crazy.

    One stupid woman posts stupid shit: *exists*
    Men on this sub: give that dude goooold!!!!

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