It's true and we should say it

It’s true and we should say it

It’s true and we should say it

2 years ago
  1. Yes, plus hobbit holes are truly the coziest homes!!!

  2. What can i say, real estate and hunger are not a problem when your average hobbit comes at about a human thigh in height.

  3. To be accurate hobbits weren’t high, shitfaced definitely, but not high

  4. I’d be uncomfortable getting horny for hobbits, I’d feel like a kiddie diddler. Elves though, damn they’re just *hot*

  5. okay but Bilbo was clearly in an upper class neighborhood. There were farmers who had to constantly deal with thieves and stuff in the Shire too, and the lower class hobbits lived near the humans.

  6. Me and all my friends took LOTR personality tests and I got marry and everyone cracked up laughing and I was like umm excuse me, while I’m smoking, eating, and running around barefoot all day in my cozy hobbit home you are all going to be jealous while you’re eating one piece of bread all day and then jacking off at how perfect you are.

  7. Plus they got that nutty elf aim, stay alive for a comfortably long time, not too short or too long.

  8. Your love of the halfling’s leaf has clearly slowed your mind..

  9. Plus they’re the only people in Middle Earth that have family names. Everyone else has just one name with the occasional nickname added on at the end.

  10. I mean we’d all like to take Rosie and spin her for a while.

  11. I’ll take descendant of Numenor or Black Uruk, but hairy feet is a nah from me fam.

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