1. Probably also best to not mention it might be closer to 11 hours. More, if you’re human and taking small breaks.

  2. It’s 12 for the extended versions and yes your should watch them.

  3. If you count the extended editions then it’s actually closer to 300 hours

  4. Maybe someone here could point me in the right direction here. I’ve been meaning to watch the extended versions but I can’t find them streaming without buying. No option to rent. I don’t really want to pay $17 for Fellowship extended or $50-$100 for the box set.

  5. 12.1 hours, please don’t shame the glorious duration of the extended edition

  6. That look reminds me of the Count of Monte Cristo with the priest and Edmond in jail.

  7. Ten hours? Tell me, “friend,” when did Saruman the Wise abandon the extended editions for madness?

  8. I’ve never seen t he extended editions. I am glad. 2 more hours of fun!

  9. Whether it’s 9, 10, 11, or 12 hours long, its coolness persists no matter how long it is!

  10. Am I the only one that includes the FOTR Appendices (The Making of and what not) in my marathon? Literally, everything about the trilogy is incredible.

  11. The problem is he’s starting from a bad premise. It’s a 12-hour movie trilogy about *destroying* jewelry.

  12. As good as this meme is, it’s probably not true. It’s quite nerdy. But it is amazing. And a big bonus is that you can then join and enjoy this subreddit that has the best memes on the internet.

  13. It’s quite a testament to the sheer immersion that these films provide that I forget lines like this even exist. Like whenever I watch I completely forget all modern slang and interpret everything with older English in mind.

  14. Never really got into lotr been wanting to give it a shot. What should I start with. Books, movies? Directors cut?

  15. *Searing sound*

    Frodo: AAAAAHHH! WTF Gandalf?!

    Gandalf: No-no-no, I said THIS will be cool.

  16. The fable of a power ring jewel

    doth populace via evil magic overrule

    The fellowship, but that took, a fool

    Riding high, the wraith of the nazgul

    The tragedy of the wildcard, smeagol

    The shire and troll baggins, went invisible

    They claim it’s pretty cool

  17. I have a friend at work who’s first question to new colleagues is almost always: “have you seen Lord of the Rings.”

    His reaction when the answer is no is quite cool.

  18. 10 hours is like 120 sargons, how do you have so much free time? Is it possible to learn this power?

  19. 20 hours if you include “they are taking the hobbits to Isengard”

  20. uh.. what trilogy are you watching? the credits alone are like 45 mins… per movie.

  21. Ya tried to talk my girlfriend into marathon watching all 3 extended editions with me one day, was not met with a very promising look lol

  22. Offer to watch it with him so he can properly inform him about the toe incident.

  23. It is literally a situation between me and my best friend. I can’t persuade him to watch

  24. I’ve been kind of grumpy and sad all day, but this made me smile.

  25. I watched like 8hrs of possibly murderous meth-addled cat owners a couple of months ago so whatever.

  26. I still havent watched lotr and probs wont because i dont have inspiration. Although i started with hobbits and if i learned anything from star wars the original thrilogy is better. Tru or nah?

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