If this is our future then I do not want it

If this is our future then I do not want it

If this is our future then I do not want it

2 years ago
  1. Every character will be a CGI Orlando Bloom doing backflips over mountains

  2. The trilogy has no remake. The trilogy needs no remake.

  3. They havent remade Gone with the wind…I dont know if they will ever touch Lotr,On the other hand i wouldnt mind seing a hobbit remake in the next decade

  4. Meh. Let them do what they want. We know what’s up. We’re all about that Peter Jackson, extended trilogy LOTR goodness, baby. And we’re super into Viggo.

  5. I’m just waiting for Bakshi to make a sequel to the 1978 lotr

  6. But one day Game of Thrones will be remade with the real ending as per books 6 and 7 and it will be glorious.

  7. 4k please and then don’t touch it again for 10 years. Thanks.

  8. It’s not like it would erase the ones everyone likes, and I think it would be interesting to see what someone else does. Also, let’s not turn this into another star wars community

  9. A day may come when LOTR trilogy is remade, but today is not the day

  10. There’s no reason for LOTR to be remade for decades upon decades upon decades. Everything involved in the movies will hold up for a very long time.

  11. The day is already upon us. For the dark powers that is Amazon has acquired the rights to it….

  12. I actually would want to do this if I became a director, but my goal would be to make it as “book accurate” as possible, which means barrow wights, Tom Bombadil, Ghan Bur Ghan, the scourging of the shire and Eomers last stand at the Pellinor Fields along with general plot restoration.

  13. I’m glad to hear Amazon isnt touching the Trilogy or the Hobbit, only the earlier (chronological) material

  14. No. I refuse to believe this. Just no. You can’t top perfection.

  15. I wouldn’t mind a remastering of the original. Maybe a 4k version and clean up some of the CGI that looks a bit awkward. But remake entirely? Fuck that whole concept…

  16. If Disney ever got their hands on it it would be an absolute disaster.

  17. I was listening to May It Be and saw this post. Now I’m sad

  18. I think they could remake it in its own way that could be another retelling of the story. The books are THE version of the story, the movies are another awesome version of the story, they could make another version that would still be good. Just like you can appreciate the old animated movies, though they’re a bit… different.

  19. When a book I enjoy is turned into a donkey of a film I don’t enjoy the book any less, why should the presence of a new series of films degrade the masterpiece that we enjoy.

  20. it would be cool if they remade it into 6 movies for each of the books in the distant future

  21. If a remake is ever attempted it will be a very long time in the future. I think there are a small handful of films where every time someone talks about a remake the adverse reaction kills it before it gets started. Gone with the Wind, Casablanca, probably Schindlers List or Saving Private Ryan are films that would take a lot of hubris and skin a mile thick to even propose it to a studio. I won’t say never, but I would bet it’s a not in my lifetime possibility.

  22. I live in hope that the remake will be even more epic in scale and have even better casting

  23. It’ll be made by Netflix/YouTube

    One of the Paul brothers as legolas.

  24. They can remake the hobbit as one movie. I’d be cool with that.

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