I was there the day the strength of Men succeeded.

I was there the day the strength of Men succeeded.

2 years ago
  1. Doesn’t seem unreasonable to me but what is his reasoning?

  2. I am really glad to hear this. As much as I love lotr and Tolkien’s other works, I feel that bringing Legolas into the Hobbit films was a part of the thinking that made those movies so poor by comparison. Rather than rely on star strength and nostalgia to draw viewers they should cast the best actors for whatever roles they need.

    I also just have hesitations about the announced 2nd age Amazon show, or really any more film adaptations of middle earth. Christopher devoted his life to upholding, completing and protecting his father’s work from such commercialization, so I guess I just don’t want anything made that would make the Tolkiens roll over in their graves.

  3. no, what , why? we were talking about this today and i tought he would play in the series, at least he wants to still go for neo so thats something..

  4. To be honest, he was one of my least favorite casting choices in the films. He can act, but he failed to deliver Elrond for me.

    Elrond is no different than Theoden, Thranduil, Treebeard, Faramir, and even Denethor in being portrayed far worse by the script than the he acted in the book. But where Bernard Hill manages to still convey the kindness and courage of Theoden, I don’t think Hugo Weaving pulls of “wise, welcoming, healer”. I kinda get “uptight racist”.

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