I must rectify certain inequities

I must rectify certain inequities

I must rectify certain inequities

2 years ago
  1. Better to have to introduce her to lord of the rings and it a another chance to watch it

  2. “Hasn’t seen” isn’t the same as “doesn’t like.” You get to watch her watch it for the first time, that’s awesome.

  3. It’s so funny how much overlap there is in the Raimi Spidey community and the LOTR community, at least in the memes. I love both trilogies dearly but one is just so campy and silly and a fun ride and the other is objectively a masterpiece of cinema. (Not to say that Raimi Spidey isn’t good, I’m just saying the trilogies are so incredibly different)

  4. Time to show her and tell her about all the trivia moments. Every. Last. One.

  5. Missing third part:

    (Happy Face) | Realising you can now watch the entire trilogy again with her

  6. I think inception would have been a much better movie if it was dude trying to convince his gf to watch lotr, and make her think it was her idea.

  7. I lost my virginity while watching Fellowship. We’ve been married for 5 years.

    Just kidding, we broke up after 3 years of dating and it was an incredibly toxic and abusive situation.

    Was a great movie to lose it to though.

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