1. Pov you are on the phone during any part of any Lord of the rings movie

  2. I really wish we coulda seen the witch king fuck shit up on the battlefield for a little before he died

  3. This part bothers me in the movies. Gandalf says “Sauron has not yet revealed his deadliest servant” (and I think “oh a new villain”) and then adds “You met him. He stabbed Frodo in the first movie” (and I think “oh OK so Sauron did reveal him already”).

    Does the same thing happen in the books?

  4. I want everyone here to know how much I love you and these memes.

  5. Unrelated to lotr but I feel awful for whoever took this picture and had all those people looking at them like some sort of nutcase

  6. This is why I hate watching movies with my friends. I’ll want to show them a movie my love and they spend the whole thing scrolling through instagram on their phones.

    Something big will happen in the movie and I’ll turn around to see their reaction and they will have missed it totally.

  7. I can’t show my wife a movie without her getting on Twitter. So fucking annoying.

  8. Does anyone else feel a visceral reaction every time you see that picture?

  9. My mom was watching the trilogy for the first time and I took her phone. I had to… This is the way

  10. The deadliest servant of the deadliest servant of some jewel stealing bitch

  11. The girl on the right is lowkey interested. She probably even knows Aragron’s full name plus his aliases.

  12. i was just watching the scene where the nine slaughtered them pillows, i think they are fine with me being on the phone right now, it was embarrasing for them.

  13. The ones that are on their phones or the ones looking at the ones that are on their phones?

  14. This format on this sub always makes me laugh. I wish real life was like this!!

  15. I actually refuse to watch Lotr with most of my friends now . If I even see a screen light up it just ruins it for me .

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