1. This is pretty funny, but in fairness hobbits may have not even existed at the time of the ring’s forging. I believe they first inhabited the Shire in 1601—a year after Sauron forged the One Ring. So either they may not have been on his radar, or he thought they were unlikely as a race to give him any trouble (which, for the most part, he was right about, with five ironic exceptions)

  2. He originally made four hobbit rings but their little stubby fingers combined with all the cooking meant the rings kept falling into the gravy and getting swallowed, and he got tired of being called and asked to magic them back out of the septic tanks, so he took them back and melted them down and made a pair of earrings for his future mother in law because she didn’t like him very much and he was trying to curry favour.

  3. OMFG!!! I just realized that the whole reason Sauron couldnt get to the ring, and why Gandalf chose the hobbits for the task was that they were literally the secret weapon because they had been so shielded from other races of Middle Earth and Sauron had little accounting of them. Which is why Gandalf continuously shrugged as to “Why the halflings?” over and over again. Well because not just no one notices them, but no on really has noticed them or paid them very much attention?! Wow. 20 years and I’m just getting clued in?!

  4. I apologise for my grave oversight. If I had known about the existence of hobbits I would have made separate rings for them as well. I hope my apologies are accepted.

  5. The elves made all of the rings, Sauron overheard how to make them and then made his own

  6. Didn’t he not even know about the Shire? The Rangers did their best to prevent any of saurons agents from getting into the Shire.

  7. I thought (correct me if I’m wrong) but aren’t Hobbits technically a sub-species of Men?

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