Hobbits can have a little mourning, as a treat.

Hobbits can have a little mourning, as a treat.

2 years ago
  1. And they say they did a bad job in portraying Boromir in the movies

  2. Boromir really showing some empathy here. Should really play well with the Shire voters.

    Aragorn, we all love you, but you are really stating the obvious right here, and it’s coming off stone-cold.

    Aragorn’s best play here is to build off the growing anti-Gandalf sentiment in the outer-farthings. With hobbit voter turnout at historic lows, this could swing the election in favor of the Dunedain in this Blotmath’s coming election.

    Critics say, that in recent years Hobbiton elitists have suppressed voting by scheduling elections on a Saturday between second breakfast and elevensies, a traditional napping time for many a Shire everyhobbit.

  3. Boromir 100%. He’s been groomed for rule since birth and has done everything asked of him to protect and defend the realm of Gondor. Aragorn is secretly an elf who has never lived in Gondor. It’s all a deep elf conspiracy to place one of them on the throne. Even if he is actually the decedent of Isildur, nothing in his life has lead me to believe he can actually rule a realm. Plus, he’s 87 years old.

  4. Ask them about their campaign positions on using the ring

  5. But who’s Boromir’s Vice President? Have a feeling it might matter.

  6. Give them a moment, next thing they’ll be asking for elevenses or dinner and supper!

    Slippery slope I tell ya.

  7. Yes we’ve had first mourning, but what about second mourning?

  8. I’m with Boromir, and anyone who thinks different is a dwarf hater!!
    All orcs are bastards!

  9. We’ve mourned once, yes. But what about second mourning ?

  10. Well one’s dead and the other is King of Gondor and Arnor with a very long life-expectancy ahead of him and an alliance with the elves so I’d be more inclined to vote for Aragorn if I’m being honest.

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