His fate is tied to the Ring

His fate is tied to the Ring

His fate is tied to the Ring

2 years ago
  1. I mean, that was the plan wasn’t it? At least in the movies, my book memory of Rivendell is a bit foggy

  2. Gandalfs sin has always been the withholding of important truths.

  3. No joke, when playing the films for my cousin on VHS, I convinced him that’s where the whole adventure ended, the end of tape one.

    “Why are there two tapes?”

    “Special features, duh, but we’re not watching those right now.”

  4. How long did their adventure last for? Was it like 2-3 years?

  5. +Hey I brought the ring take it.
    -Nah bro you have to carry that

  6. I kept reading this as though it was after Mt. Doom and had to return to the purging of the shire

  7. Bilbo volunteered first though didn’t he but the council said it should be Frodo instead
    In the books at least

  8. Going to have to disagree with you there. Frodo was free to return home; he went on by his own choice, against the will but with the blessing and resignation of Gandalf.

  9. Thanks for giving me a reason to go back and read over the Council chapter!

  10. how long has this meme been around? Been seeing it everywhere recently. And not that I’m complaining, just curious, def one of my fav memes.

  11. It’s funny, but probably not nearly as funny as it would be had I read the books or watched the films.

  12. This is how Bob Dylan’s new album sounds like, but I’m unsure if he’s Gandalf or Frodo

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