1. Damn, that movie had him, Jon Stewart, Jordana Brewster, Josh Hartnett, Josh Hartnetts 1970 Pontiac, and Usher. Might be time for a rewatch.

  2. The signs were always there, how could we be so blind?

    Boromir: *One does not simply walk into Mordor*

    Gandalf: *Fly You Fools*

  3. Pretty big talk from a hobbit whose only super-effective move is “stumble backward, trip, then fall.”

  4. But the Nazgul started chasing him before he even left the house 🙁

  5. Bilbo did make it to the lonely mountain in a movie and a half…

  6. Frodo was the most wanted dude in middle earth tf he mean he wasn’t getting chased

  7. Unpopular opinion but Sam deserves more credit than Frodo got

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