Happened yesterday, wasn's good :'(

Happened yesterday, wasn’s good :'(

Happened yesterday, wasn’s good :'(

2 years ago
  1. And three movies were gifted to Peter Jackson for the Hobbit, who, above all else, desired money at the box office. But they were, all of them deceived, for another movie was made. In the land of the internet, in the fires of a true fans anger, the fan forged in secret a Master Movie, to combine all others.

    But really there’s a fan edit out there that combines the Hobbit movies. It cuts out all the elf/dwarf love triangles and other BS that isn’t supposed to happen. It’s pretty enjoyable.

  2. real question:
    so i’ve grown up watching the lord of the rings movies, i was first shown them around when i was 7-8 years old. so, of course, when the hobbit trilogy came out around when i was much older, i didn’t like it as much. it felt really odd and not “lordoftherings-esque”. not to mention the awful cgi goblins and orcs and the corny lines.

    so my question is, what actually IS it about the hobbit trilogy that is so awful besides what i’ve mentioned? i’ve not read the entirety of the books quite yet, so i’m just wondering what people’s opinions of it are that know a bit more about the lord of the rings universe than i do.

  3. A lot of the Hobbit movies is salvageable, I bet a fan-edit can cut out all the unnecessary bits and form a good movie or two with the rest. Like with Tauriel for example, the first and last time you see her could be when she closes the prison door on Kili and Fili with “Won’t you search me for weapons? I could have anything down there?” “Or nothing.”

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