1. Gandalf… yes, that is what they used to call me. Gandalf the gay – Ian Mc’Kellen

  2. I love him in Vicious. Ian McKellen, an aging gay actor, playing Freddie, an aging gay actor.

  3. What if I love that fact and don’t *want* to get over it?

  4. On the original picture it says SOME PEOPLE ARE GAY, and i think that is 100x more badass

  5. What does that shirt in the background say? Can anyone tell?

  6. He’s also Cogsworth from beauty and the beast 2017

  7. I’ll tell you what you are your a fucking legend is what you are. Go tell it to the misty mountain you beauty.

  8. If Magneto replaced Gandalf, the Fellowship would have just been one movie. So not marketable…

  9. The countries you’re protesting in already accept gay people. Get over it

  10. where is this from? Did i miss something? There is also one of Harrison Ford here

  11. Am i the only person that never has realised before that Gandalf and Magneto are the same actor?!

  12. he should have been Dumbledore for the ultimate holy trinity

  13. Unfortunately it’s photo shop his shirt is actually the same as the dudes behind him

  14. You can love the characters but hate the actors.

    Nobody hates Michael Jackson’s performance, people hate him being a pedo.

  15. Didn’t our boy Ian have some kind of pedo scandal though, dunno if I want to get over it tbh

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