Especially when he eats the tomato

Especially when he eats the tomato

2 years ago
  1. Growing up, i always wondered if i was the only one who hated that damn tomato scene. Then i found this sub. I am home.

  2. Reasons why we’re pissed at Denethor son of Ecthelion

    Hates his 2nd son and prefers his 1st

    Abandoned a city’s defenses

    Falsely killing his unconscious son

    Hates an Old Man who is trying to help


  3. In these times when someone thinks making us look at Denethor’s despicable face is a good idea, let’s remember this Pippin’s song, for which his hall was not fit:

    Home is behind
    There are worlds ahead
    There are many paths to tread
    Through shadow
    To the edge of night
    Until our stars are all alight
    Mist and shadow
    Cloud and shade
    All shall fade
    All shall fade

  4. denethors story is actually a bit tragic, he used the palantir but was strong enough to withstand the influence of sauron which is kind of fucking impressive. after that he was really paranoid and like the denethor we know in the movies.

    (correct me if im wrong, im like 95% sure


    but yea, i really hate the char shown in the movies, its impressive how everyone remembers the tomato scene with hatred its actually fascinating

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