2 years ago
  1. Saruman: “Dumb Dwarves defaced the earth out of greed and got what was comin’ to ’em.

    Also Saruman:” lmao, let’s fuckin’ merc this forest right here hahaha”

  2. If Celebrimbor didn’t give them Rings of Power, this wouldn’t have happened. also Doriath helped A LOT. thanks to Melian they stood against Morgoth for 3 thousands of years until Thingol and the Dwarves fucked up everything.

    Its just that Balrog fled from war and hid there in deeps of mountains. Dwarves wouldn’t have delve too deep and greedy and awoke him if they had no Rings of Power.

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  4. Dwarves killed Thingol out of greed though

    He was pretty racist, but they were still murderers and lied about it

  5. The only two times this phrase is mentioned in the book is by Glóin at the Council of Elrond and Gandalf while in the mines.

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