Dumbass wizard should have known

Dumbass wizard should have known

Dumbass wizard should have known

4 months ago
  1. I wanna know what would happen if his Counterspell got Counterspelled. What would happen to his face that is

  2. *laughs in subtle counterspell*

    Your reaction is contingent on seeing the spell being cast. Can’t counterspell a subtle spell.

  3. That arcane trickster is talking a lot of shit for someone in fireball distance.

  4. “Gerald, NO!”
    “Haha funny joke right guys?”
    “Gerald… he’s dead.”
    “No, you’re lying.”
    *Frantic Footsteps*
    “Bob? Get up Bob? Bob? NOOOOOO!”

  5. I play a kleptomaniac arcane trickster and even I’d admit that’s a dick move

  6. Am I crazy or is this just not funny at all? Like, what a dick player.

  7. Wizard had a Clone. Next time AT has fewer than 100 hp, Wizard casts Power Word Kill.

    Wizard casts Tasha’s Hideous Laughter on themselves.

    ***Wizard Wins***

  8. That’s what the wizard gets for casting feather fall to land safely. He should have casts fireball.

  9. In all fairness, the sounds like a great way to screw over any escaping enemy wizards.

  10. See if the tower is high enough, I might do this knowing the Wizard can just pop another feather fall

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