1. Hol yo, can someone explain to me why tf legolas is so old and as such somehow has such a strong connection with the shorter lived mortals? It just seems like it would be difficult to form meaningful relationships with people that live 1/1000 of your lifespan.

  2. Adam and Eve: and who is she?
    God: idk she was here when i got here

  3. Canadian here: it’s gonna be so fucking weird when Queen Liz dies…

    She’s been the Queen for the majority of Canadians’ *entire lives*. In a world where everything is always moving and changing so fast, she’s been one of the only constants.

    Even though her role is purely symbolic and has been my entire life, for some reason she’s always been a source of calm to me.

  4. Tom Bombadil: I was here before anyone else except her.

  5. That moment when the youngest of the gang is f-ing 28 years old.

  6. Did anyone else find it odd that when people talk about the wizards like it’s a normal profession and not a being that was created at the dawn of time?

  7. Who is the oldest mortal / non-divine creature in Middle Earth? I want to say Ungoliant.

  8. Legolas’ birthday is unknown, he should have one of the nebulous panels.

    Also Boromir is the youngest member of the fellowship.

  9. But all of them were deceived, for another existed as beautiful and terrible as the dawn!

  10. I have a question. In The Return of the King film, iirc, Treebeard the Ent addresses Gandalf as “young master Gandalf”, which suggests that Gandalf is younger than Treebeard. But if Gandalf is older than middle earth, how is Treebeard older than Gandalf?

  11. In the distance: “Ho! Tom Bombadil, TOM BOMBADILO!”

  12. Are we talking Olorin rin here, or Gandalf. Cause Gandalf is younger than legolas, but olorin is older

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