1. Where did you find the lore about gimli’s entrance in valinor? Seems like some reading I missed 😀

  2. After Gandalf’s description of the afterlife, why waste time building a ship?

  3. When you get to valinor and they tell you about feanor and why he made the simarils

  4. She refers to very important places to the Dwarves in their original Dwarven names.

  5. >Her husband insults you and her race.

    Since I first read the books in 1979 I’ve wondered why Tolkien made a character he named Celeborn the Wise such a fucking dumbass.

  6. Celeborn: “your people killed my King Thingol!”

    Galadriel: “Oh hush up. That was sooooo 6000 years ago smh”

  7. Aye I remember he makes it to the Undying but how is playing “The Long Game” considered a “Chad” move? Homie respected the Queen from the get go.

  8. Alright so Legolas, Gimli and Gandalf get a free pass because they’re Undying. Gimli and Aragon technically get a pass due to permission from Galadriel and Arwen. Frodo and Sam go because they’re Ring bearers. What about Pippin and Merry?

  9. Can someone explain to me the last 2 panels, after he recieves the 3 pieces of hair. Please and thank you

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