Cast HIM and IT into the fire – destroy THEM

Cast HIM and IT into the fire – destroy THEM

3 months ago
  1. Men of the West covered this hypothetical I think. IIRC he hypothesized that action would have caused a massive war between men and elves leading to the extinction of the elves. The alliance was pretty shaky anyways.

    Found it!:

    Very fun channel by the way. Love this guys imagination for the “what ifs”

  2. In the book, it wasn’t Elrond and Isildur walking into a volcano like in the movie. There was no opportunity (or justification, really) for Elrond to attack Isildur. Did Elrond think keeping any artifacts from Sauron was a bad idea and they should be destroyed? Absolutely. Did he suspect Sauron could somehow return because a piece of jewelry exists? I think not. Worst case scenario Isildur would be tainted by its evil or something, like I imagine if someone tried to wear the Witch King’s armor.

  3. Gonna try that. If Elrond would have done that, he would have taken the Ring for himself and would have been a dark ruler way earlier than Saurin trying it now. Or he would have destroyed the Ring and then the Lord of the Rings would not be and we would not have been able to read the most beautiful books in existence. So no, it’s good that Eleond didn’t kill Isildur.

  4. No one could have resisted the ring at the point of standing in Mount doom. If elrond had killed isildur he would’ve just kept the ring for himself.

  5. I can’t cast it into the fire, but I CAN CAST YOU!

  6. The possible corruption of Elrond aside, why kill Isildur when he could probably overpower him and just destroy the Ring, not saying Isildur couldn’t fight but my money would be on Elrond.

  7. You’d also think when Elrond found out he died he’d have led a party to that spot and spent, idk, the next 3000 years searching that area and river!?!?

  8. if Elrond did that, then that would be publicly pushing the dunedain’s hero, and great king into a volcano at the time of the last alliance. either the men of numenor would think that elrond had pushed Isildur in to keep the ring for himself (thus causing a war within the alliance) or would think (correctly) that elrond had murderd him anyway.(also starting a war) Elrond had to keep the fact that Isildure had the ring a secret because if he did tell everyone, then not only would that be announcing that the ring was still around and exactly where it was but also publicly accusing their king of seduction and corruption.

  9. He should’ve tackled him and roll over the edge together. Basically in this scene, Elrond was saying that his own life was too precious to sacrifice in order to end evil forever.

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