Can’t be that bad 🤷‍♂️

Can’t be that bad 🤷‍♂️

2 years ago
  1. Lore might say otherwise. But it probably wouldn’t have been a good move for one world leader to kill another over a ring known for corrupting

  2. I’m too new with lore what prevented elrond doing more? The pact between men and elves? Valar?

  3. Must have been a long, awkward walk back down the mountain

  4. Ugh someone please educate this man with lore I’m tired and too lazy but I’m certain this is very incorrect

  5. Well Isildur was the king of Gondor. He personally cut the ring off of Saurons hand and ended the Second Age of Middle Earth. Gil-galad was the leader of the elves at the time (not Elrond) and had just fallen in the same battle so had Elrond tried to stop him it would have been a disaster diplomatically speaking. Also Isildur was over 100 years old (being a descendant of the line of Númenor) and was quite legendary for his prowess in battle, even if Elrond was in command of the elves he wouldnt have had the balls to do what was necessary against such a man.

  6. Isildur was the first lab rat.

    “Oh yeah, that thing’s bad news! Glad I didn’t touch it.” -Elrond

  7. “I was there the day the strength of Men failed.”

    “You did fuck-all too, bro.”


  8. Now all I’m saying is, this would probably be a bigger fuck up with no build up. Seeing as it’d cause a war between elves in men, and in the books, they didn’t know Sauron would live on through the ring until later.

  9. I’ve always said, he should have just pushed him in. Either that or admit that he fucked up too and it wasn’t just tHe StRenGtH oF mEn that failed that day.

  10. Pretty sure they didnt actually go into mount doom

  11. Did they use the Dacia Sandero to get to the Mount of Doom?

  12. Top image caption should’ve been “ISILDUR!”

    Missed opportunity

  13. He was his friend, and he wouldn’t have been expecting it at all. Besides at that point they didn’t know how powerful the ring was. I don’t think his first reaction would have been to just throw him into the mountain..

  14. Would it be too far off for Elrond just to push Isildur in? Could just say “He slipped” or “He sacrificed himself to save Middle Earth” or whatever, and no one would know enough to care. He had sons, so there was someone to inherit the throne anyway.

    Please spare me from the downvotes, my lord.

  15. I’ve maintained that I feel like the character Elrond would get it event at that point and just push the fucking dude in the lava.

    I mean I know there’s a lot of lore that disproves that but I don’t know.

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