But how do they know about menus????

But how do they know about menus????

But how do they know about menus????

2 years ago
  1. Is it really a fan theory to say the prancing pony and the green dragon which both likely served food would have had a menu for what was available?

  2. Or the fact that large armies need to eat and probably have people cooking for them a variety of foods that require plnning and prep work. Just a thought.

  3. Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu



    Aimênu or Ai-mênu is Khuzdul for “upon you”.[1] Ai (short version of aya) meaning upon, and mênu meaning you in plural and object position.[2]

    Translation from orcs: looks like meat’s back “upon you”

  4. The word menu doesn’t necessarily apply to restaurants. It could just be a word that means what is available.

  5. Tolkien just localized the hobbit book poorly in this case. Hard to blame him as the language is not very well known.

  6. Well, The Lord of the Rings is meant to the a translation of an original work, so just assume it’s a localization issue, like when the people translating anime have the characters say stuff that’s not in the original, like the jelly filled donuts thing.

  7. Hold up hold up hold up. The menu theory is all fun and games, but the full line is “looks like meat’s back on the menu ***boys***

    It can also be seen that those exact orcs were not old AT ALL. Like, they just been made. I’m no expert on timelines so correct me when I’m wrong but I believe the entire LOTR trilogy is about a year, at least not much longer.

    The time between the orcs rising and saying that line cannot be more than ~6 months.

    Not only is the line said, but also understood by all the other orcs. Let’s just assume that a quater of them were just chanting because of grouppressure. This means that 3/4th of them can identify genders when they are ~6 months old.

    Human childeren know the physical differences of genders at ~2 years old.

    This means, that this new, and special breed of orcs learns 4 times faster than humans.

    Sauron knew this, because he can see all. He also knew that if he was gonna let them live they would eventually be so smart he would have an entire army with 3/4 of the soldiers having the possibilty to have general-like strategic-thinking.

    At first this seems like a good thing, why didn’t Sauron prepare an army earlier?

    But he, of all, understand how leadership works, and 3/4 of an army with highly capable leaders just wouldn’t work.

    Okay, maybe this could be a reason, but he would still have 1/4th completely faithful soldiers and at least a couple faithful smart generals, additional to the ones he already had.

    So there must be another reason, and that is power. The smart orcs could eventually want all the power, and temporarily side with the fellowship to destroy their only power-craving-concurrent that is more powerful than them, which is Sauron.

    This means that Sauron would rather use a dumb, faithful army and perish, than risk being mutinied upon by his own creations.

    His own power cravings lead to his own death.

    There, you have it.

    We found yet another moral story in the LOTR next to all the ones we already had.

    English is not my native language at all so I’m sorry lol.

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